Revere Police Department - 400 Revere Beach Pkwy - Revere, MA 02151 - (781) 284-1212
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A Street                1st & 2nd Monday

Abbruzzi St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

Adams St                Every Wednesday – odd side    Every Thursday – even side

Agatha St               1st & 2nd Friday

Agawam St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Agry Terrace            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Albert Ave              1st & 2nd Tuesday

Alden Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Alger Ave               1st & 2nd Tuesday

Alice St                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Allston St              1st & 2nd Monday

Amasa St                1st & 2nd Monday

Amelia Pl               1st & 2nd Friday

Ambrose St              1st & 2nd Thursday

Ann Rd                  1st & 2nd Friday

Arcadia St              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Archer Ave              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Argyle St               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Arlington Ave           1st & 2nd Tuesday

Arnold St               3rd & 4th Monday

Assunta Rd              1st & 2nd Friday

Asti Ave                1st & 2nd Friday

Atlantic Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Atwood St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Aucella Ct              CANNOT SWEEP – STREET TOO SMALL

Augusta St              3rd & 4th Thursday

Augustus St             3rd & 4th Friday

Aurelia Sylvia Dr       1st & 2nd Friday

Avalon St               1st & 2nd Tuesday

Avon St                 1st & 2nd Wednesday

B St                    1st & 2nd Monday

Baldwin St              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Barrett St              1st & 2nd Monday

Bateman Ave             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Bateman Rd              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Bates St                3rd & 4th Wednesday

Bay Rd                  1st & 2nd Wednesday

Bayview St              1st & 2nd Thursday

Beach Rd                1st & 2nd Thursday

Beach St                Every Thursday both sides (VFW Pkwy to the beach TOW)

Beachland Ave           3rd & 4th Wednesday

Beckert Ave             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Belgrade St             1st & 2nd Thursday

Belle Isle Ave          3rd & 4th Tuesday

Bellingham Ave          3rd & 4th Tuesday

Bellevue Ave            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Bennington St           Every Friday ODD side from 7am – 8am

                        Every Monday EVEN side from 7am – 8am

Beverly St              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Bickford Ave            1st & 2nd Wednesday

Bixby St                3rd & 4th Thursday

Blake St                1st & 2nd Tuesday

Blanchard Ave           1st & 2nd Wednesday

Blaney Ct               1st & 2nd Monday

Blaney St               1st & 2nd Monday

Blodgett St             1st & 2nd Friday

Borden St               3rd & 4th Monday

Bosson St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Bradstreet Ave          3rd & 4th Tuesday

Breed St                3rd & 4th Wednesday

Breedens Lane           1st & 2nd Friday

Brenton St              3rd & 4th Friday

Bridge St               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Broadsound Ave          1st & 2nd Tuesday

Broadway                Every Monday and Wednesday EVEN side from 5am – 6:30am

                        Every Tuesday and Thursday ODD side from 5am – 6:30am

Brookline St            1st & 2nd Friday

Bruno St                1st & 2nd Friday

Bryant St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Burbank St              1st & 2nd Monday

Burnett Rd              1st & 2nd Monday

Burnham St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Butler St               3rd & 4th Thursday

C St                    1st & 2nd Monday

Calumet St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Camille Rd              1st & 2nd Friday

Campbell Ave            1st & 2nd Tuesday from Centennial to Parkway

                        3rd & 4th Thursday from Centennial to Walnut

Campbell Court          3rd & 4th Thursday

Cambridge St            1st & 2nd Monday

Carleton Ave            1st & 2nd Friday

Carleton St             1st & 2nd Thursday

Carlson Ave             3rd & 4th Friday

Carmen Lane             1st & 2nd Monday

Caruso Court            1st & 2nd Friday

Caruso St               1st & 2nd Monday

Carey Circle            1st & 2nd Wednesday

Cary Ave                1st & 2nd Thursday

Case Dr                 1st & 2nd Monday

Cataldo Dr              3rd & 4th Friday

Cecelian Ave            1st & 2nd Friday

Centennial Ave          3rd & 4th Thursday

Central Ave             Every Thursday both sides

Chamberlain Ave         1st & 2nd Wednesday

Charger St              3rd & 4th Friday

Charles Ave             1st & 2nd Tuesday

Cheever St              1st & 2nd Thursday

Clark Road              1st & 2nd Tuesday

Cleveland St            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Clifton St              1st & 2nd Friday

Clinton Rd              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Colonial Rd             1st & 2nd Friday

Columbia St             1st & 2nd Friday

Conant St               3rd & 4th Friday

Constitution Ave        Every Wednesday – odd side    Every Thursday – even side

Cooledge St             Every Wednesday – odd side    Every Thursday – even side

Cooper Terrace          1st & 2nd Friday

Cottage St              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Coral St                DON’T DO IT – SWEEPER WON’T FIT

Cove St                 1st & 2nd Tuesday

Crescent Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Crest Ave               3rd & 4th Tuesday

Cross St                3rd & 4th Tuesday

Crystal Ave             3rd & 4th Tuesday

Cummings Ave            1st & 2nd Monday

Cushing Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

Cushman Ave             Every Monday – both sides

Cushman Terr            3rd & 4th Friday

Curtis Rd               1st & 2nd Tuesday

Dale St                 3rd & 4th Monday

Dana St                 1st & 2nd Tuesday

Dashwood St             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Davis St                3rd & 4th Friday

Dawes St                3rd & 4th Friday

Dedham St               1st & 2nd Monday

Dehon St                3rd & 4th Thursday

Delano Ave              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Derby Rd                3rd & 4th Friday

Dix St                  1st & 2nd Tuesday

Dolphin Ave             3rd & 4th Tuesday

Douglas St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Dunn Rd                 3rd & 4th Wednesday

East Mountain Ave       1st & 2nd Thursday

Eastern Ave             1st & 2nd Thursday

Eaton St                1st & 2nd Thursday

Eliot Rd                1st & 2nd Tuesday

Ellerton St             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Elm St                  3rd & 4th Thursday

Elmwood Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

Elmwood St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Elmwood Pl              3rd & 4th Monday

Emmanuel St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

Emmett Terrace          1st & 2nd Thursday

Endicott Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Ensign St               3rd & 4th Friday

Essex St                1st & 2nd Monday

Eustis St               3rd & 4th Thursday

Everard St              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Everett St              3rd & 4th Thursday

Fairfield St            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Fenley St               3rd & 4th Friday

Fenno St                3RD & 4TH Monday

Fenwick St              1st & 2nd Friday

Fernwood Ave            1st & 2nd Monday

Fernwood Pl             1st & 2nd Monday

Ferragamo Way           1st & 2nd Friday

Festa Rd                1st & 2nd Friday

Fiske St                3rd & 4th Friday

Fitzhenry Sq            3rd & 4th Thursday

Flint St                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Florence Ave            1st & 2nd Tuesday

Floyd St                3rd & 4th Wednesday

Folsom St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Ford St                 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Foster St               3rd & 4th Monday

Fowler Ave              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Francis St              3rd & 4th Thursday

Frank Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Franklin Ave            3rd & 4th Thursday

Franklin Pl             Every Thursday with towing

Freeman St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Friend St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Frye St                 3rd & 4th Wednesday

Furness St              1st & 2nd Monday

Gage Ave                3rd & 4th Friday

Garfield Ave            1st & 2nd Tuesday

Garofolo Way            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Genessee St             1st & 2nd Monday

Geneva St               1st & 2nd Friday

Genoa St                1st & 2nd Friday

George Ave              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Gilbert Ave             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Gladys St               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Glendale St             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Glover Dr               1st & 2nd Monday

Goldie St               1st & 2nd Friday

Goodwin Ave             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Gorden Rd               1st & 2nd Monday

Gore Rd                 3rd & 4th Friday

Grand Ave               1st & 2nd Thursday

Graves Rd               3rd & 4th Friday

Green St                1st & 2nd Tuesday

Greentree Lane          1st & 2nd Friday

Griffin St              1st & 2nd Monday

Griswold St             1st & 2nd Friday

Grover St               1st & 2nd Friday – Washington Ave to Marble St

                        3rd & 4th Friday – Brenton to Charger

Haddon St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Haith St                1st & 2nd Monday

Hall St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Hancock St              1st & 2nd Monday

Hansen Terrace          1st & 2nd Wednesday

Harrington Ave          1st & 2nd Wednesday

Harrington St           1st & 2nd Thursday


Harris St               1st & 2nd Thursday – Beach St to American Legion Highway

                        3rd & 4th Thursday – Beach St to Parkway

Hasey St                3rd & 4th Thursday

Haskell Ave             3rd & 4th Monday

Hastings St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

Hauman St               3rd & 4th Friday

Hawes St                3rd & 4th Wednesday

Hayes Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Herman St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Henry St                3rd & 4th Tuesday

Hillside Ave            1st & 2nd Tuesday

High St                 3rd & 4th Friday

Highland St             Every Thursday with towing

Hitchborn St            Every Thursday with towing

                        3rd & 4th Thursday Parkway to Lee Burbank Highway (no tow)

Homer St                3rd & 4th Monday

Hopkins St              3rd & 4th Thursday

Howard St               1st & 2nd Monday

Hutchinson St           3rd & 4th Wednesday – Revere Street end

                        1st & 2nd Thursday – Broadway end

Hyde St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Hyde Street Place       1st & 2nd Thursday                   

Hy-Sil Ave              3rd & 4th Monday

Intervale St            1st & 2nd Wednesday

Irving St               1st & 2nd Monday

Italia Ave              1st & 2nd Friday

Jackson St              1st & 2nd Wednesday

James St                1st & 2nd Tuesday

Janvrin Ave             1st & 2nd Thursday

Jarvis St               1st & 2nd Monday

Jefferson Drive         1st & 2nd Friday

John Ave                1st & 2nd Wednesday

John Mooney Rd          1st & 2nd Thursday

Johnny Rd               1st & 2nd Friday

Joey Rd                 1st & 2nd Friday

Jones Rd                3rd & 4th Tuesday

Jordan St               1st & 2nd Friday

Joseph Rd               1st & 2nd Monday

Keayne St               3rd & 4th Friday

Kilburn St              1st & 2nd Monday

Kimball Ave             3rd & 4th Thursday

Kingman Ave             3rd & 4th Friday

Lambert St              1st & 2nd Monday

Lamson St               1st & 2nd Friday

Lancaster Ave           1st & 2nd Wednesday

Lantern Rd              3rd & 4th Friday

Larkin St               3rd & 4th Friday

Lawrence Rd             1st & 2nd Wednesday

Lawson Ave              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Lechmere St             1st & 2nd Friday

Lee St                  1st & 2nd Thursday

Leonard Rd              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Leverett Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Liberty Ave             1st & 2nd Friday

Library St              3rd & 4th Thursday

Lilly Ct                3rd & 4th Friday

Lincoln St              1st & 2nd Monday

Linehurst Rd            1st & 2nd Friday

Loomis St               1st & 2nd Friday

Loring Rd               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Lowe St                 3rd & 4th Thursday

Lowe Street Pl          1st & 2nd Thursday

Lowell St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Lucia Ave               1st & 2nd Friday

Madison St              1st & 2nd Monday

Maggi Rd                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Malden St               Every Friday both sides

Maple St                1st & 2nd Friday

Marble St               1st & 2nd Friday

Marshall St             3rd & 4th Friday

Martin St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

McLeavey St             1st & 2nd Monday

McCoba St               1st & 2nd Friday

McKinley St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

McClure St              1st & 2nd Thursday

Michael Rd              1st & 2nd Monday

Michael DellaRusso Way  3rd & 4th Wednesday

Milano Ave              1st & 2nd Friday

Mill St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Mill Street Pl          1st & 2nd Thursday

Mills Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Montfern Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Moretti St              1st & 2nd Monday

Mountain Ave            1st & 2nd Monday

Broadway to School St       1st & 2nd Thursday

Morris St               1st & 2nd Friday

Nahant Ave              Every Thursday with Towing

Naples Rd               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Nell Rd                 1st & 2nd Friday

Neponset St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

Newbury St              1st & 2nd Monday

Newhall St              Every Friday both sides

Newman St               3rd & 4th Friday

Noble St                1st & 2nd Tuesday

Norman St               3rd & 4th Thursday

North Ave               3rd & 4th Friday

North St                1st & 2nd Thursday

North Marshall St       1st & 2nd Friday

North Shore Rd          1st & 2nd Tuesday – Parkway to Wonderland

Oak Island Rd           1st & 2nd Wednesday

Oak Island St           1st & 2nd Wednesday

Oak Tree Lane           1st & 2nd Friday

Oakwood Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

Olive St                3rd & 4th Monday

Oliver Terrace          1st & 2nd Thursday

Orchard St              3rd & 4th Tuesday

Orvis Rd                3rd & 4th Friday

Overlook Ave            1st & 2nd Tuesday

Oxford Park             1st & 2nd Thursday

Oxford St               1st & 2nd Monday

Page St                 3rd & 4th Monday

Park Ave                Every Tuesday – both sides

Patriot Pkwy            3rd & 4th Friday

Payson St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Pearl Ave               3rd & 4th Tuesday

Pebble Ave              DON’T SWEEP – SWEEPER WON’T FIT

Pemberton St            3rd & 4th Friday

Penn St                 3rd & 4th Monday

Phillips Ave            3rd & 4th Tuesday

Philomena Ave           1st & 2nd Friday

Pitcairn St             3rd & 4th Friday

Pleasant St             1st & 2nd Thursday

Pier View Ave           DON’T SWEEP – SWEEPTER WON’T FIT

Pierce St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Pines Rd                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Pomona St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Porter Ave              1st & 2nd Tuesday

Pratt Court             1st & 2nd Tuesday

Pratt Place             1st & 2nd Tuesday

Pratt Street            1st & 2nd Tuesday

Prince St               3rd & 4th Friday

Proctor Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

Prospect Ave            3rd & 4th Monday

Putnam Rd               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Putnam St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Rand St                 1st & 2nd Monday

Randall Rd              1st & 2nd Friday

Ravena St               1st & 2nd Friday

Raymond Rd              Every Wednesday – odd side    Every Thursday – even side

Reservoir Ave           3rd & 4th Monday

Revere St               Every Thursday – both sides – 6am – 8am

Rice Ave                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Richard Rd              1st & 2nd Friday

Richie Rd               1st & 2nd Monday

Ridge Rd                3rd & 4th Monday

River Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Robert Rd               1st & 2nd Thursday

Roland Rd               1st & 2nd Friday

Roosevelt St            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Rose St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Rossetti St             3rd & 4th Friday

Roughan St              1st & 2nd Tuesday

Rumney Rd               3rd & 4th Friday

Sachem St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Sagamore St             3rd & 4th Wednesday

Salem St                Every Friday both sides

Sales St                3rd & 4th Tuesday

Sargent St              Every Monday both sides

Savage St               1st & 2nd Monday

School St               1st & 2nd Thursday

Sears St                1st & 2nd Wednesday

Sea View Ave            1st & 2nd Monday

Sewall St               3rd & 4th Thursday

Shawmut St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Sherman St              1st & 2nd Friday

Shirley Ave             Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday EVEN side 5am – 8am

                        Every Tuesday and Thursday ODD side from 5am – 8am

Shurtleff St            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Signore Terr            3rd & 4th Friday

Sigourney St            3rd & 4th Friday

Smith St                1st & 2nd Monday

South Ave               3rd & 4th Friday

South Cambridge St      3rd & 4th Monday

South Furness St        3rd & 4th Monday

South Genessee St       3rd & 4th Monday

South Hancock St        3rd & 4th Monday

South Irving St         3rd & 4th Monday

Spagnolo Rd             1st & 2nd Friday

Sprague St              1st & 2nd Thursday

Spring Ave              3rd & 4th Monday

Spring St               1st & 2nd Friday

Standish Rd             1st & 2nd Tuesday

Stark Ave               3rd & 4th Friday

State Rd                Every Monday ODD side from 7am – 8am

                        Every Friday EVEN side from 7am – 8am

Stanton Ave             1st & 2nd Thursday

Steeple St              3rd & 4th Friday

Stevens St              3rd & 4th Friday

St. Mary’s Way          1st & 2nd Friday

Stone St                1st & 2nd Friday

Stowers St              3rd & 4th Wednesday

Suffolk Ave             3rd & 4th Monday

Sullivan St             3rd & 4th Friday

Summer St               3rd & 4th Tuesday

Summit Ave              3rd & 4th Thursday

Sumner St               Every Thursday with towing

Sweeney Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

T. Carroll Way          3rd & 4th Monday

Taft St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Tapley Ave              1st & 2nd Thursday

Tapley Pl               1st & 2nd Thursday

Tedford Ave             1st & 2nd Monday

Temple St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Thayer Ave              1st & 2nd Wednesday

Thorndike St            3rd & 4th Wednesday

Thornton St             Every Thursday with towing

Thurlow Ave             1st & 2nd Thursday

Tobin Ave               1st & 2nd Wednesday

Tracy Alan Way          3rd & 4th Thursday

Trevalley Rd            1st & 2nd Thursday

Trifone Rd              1st & 2nd Friday

True St                 1st & 2nd Thursday

Tuckerman St            3rd & 4th Friday

Tudor St                3rd & 4th Monday

Tuscano Ave             1st & 2nd Friday

Tuttle St               3rd & 4th Wednesday

Undine Ave              DON’T SWEEP – SWEEPER WON’T FIT

Union St                3rd & 4th Wednesday

Unity Ave               3rd & 4th Tuesday

Valley St               1st & 2nd Friday

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