Revere Police Department - 400 Revere Beach Pkwy - Revere, MA 02151 - (781) 284-1212
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The City of Revere and The Revere Police Department make every effort to announce snow emergencies in a safe and timely manner.   In the event of a snow emergency, a PARKING BAN will go into effect on the following streets:


Beach St                     Both Sides

Bellingham Ave          Northerly Side of Street

Bradstreet Ave           Both Sides (Bellingham to Sales St)

Broadway                    Both Sides

Campbell Ave             Westerly Side of Street

Central Ave                 Both Sides

Crescent Ave              Northerly Side of Street

Crest Ave                     Northerly Side of Street

Cushman Ave              Both Sides

Endicott Ave                Northerly Side of Street

Hichborn St                  Westerly Side of Street

Highland Ave               Easterly Side of Street

Malden St                     Both Sides

Nahant Ave                  Easterly Side of Street (Campbell to Shirley)

Park Ave                      Both Sides

Revere St                     Both Sides

Sargent St                    Both Sides

Shirely Ave                   Both Sides

Sumner St                    Easterly Side of Street (Franklin to Shirley)

Thornton St                   Easterly Side of Street

Walnut Ave                   Easterly Side of Street

Washington Ave          Both Sides


What do yo do if your vehicle is towed?

If your vehicle is towed, THE REGISTERED OWNER must come to the police station to obtain a release form.  You must have the following:

  • License plate number
  • Make and model of the vehicle
  • The street it was towed from
  • A second licensed driver (to drive you to the tow yard)


Please have all of the above when you come to the station.  Once you have the release, you will need to go to one of three tow yards to get your car


Helpful Hints

  • Prepare for the storm by getting your vehicle off the street and parking it on private property.  The less vehicles on the street, the more efficient the plowing clean up will be



  • Do not shovel snow onto the street


  • Before a storm, check in with elderly neighbors to inquire if they need anything (food, medicine).  After the storm, assist them in shoveling their sidewalk and walkway so that they can leave their house, or, in the event of an emergency, medical personnel and quickly access the residence


  • Unless it is absolutely necessary, stay indoors and allow the state and city plows to clear the roadways




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